Remotely edit your events with the tiivii mixer

In addition to automatically producing your events, with tiivii you can carry out a realization remotely from a editing desk in the cloud that we call mixer.

This mode replaces the automatic tracking algorithm for you to manually select camera shots, movements, zoom and graphics. In addition, you can insert voice-overs, tunes, spots, banners, etc.. Very soon we will add functions such as inserting recorded clips and picture in picture.

By having absolute control of the production, you will be able to be more creative and adapted to the complexity of the event, be it a concert of nine musicians, a sporting competition with more than one playing space or recitals and conferences.

You don’t need to move a team because you control the cameras from anywhere, you just need an internet connection and a laptop. And if you need help, we have a team of professional technicians to remotely manage your event.

How does it work?

1º The necessary cameras are installed and connected to the internet to cover the space to be recorded. If you choose a PTZ camera, you can control it manually with a remote joystick.

2º On the day of the event, the video is recorded and uploaded to the cloud for recoding in real time. The recorded images are sent to our mixer web application. One person is in charge of making the recorded event, selecting the most appropriate camera at any time and inserting graphics and other resources in real time.

3º The signal is broadcast live or on demand on mobile devices, web servers (Youtube, client’s website, …), STBs, smartTVs and virtual reality devices.

Examples of use

In this video we show you how editing desk is operated in the cloud.

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