tiivii incorporates a new view that creates replays during the live broadcast

After commenting all the improvements made to the tiivii’s graphic media interface (link), we present a new view that creates replays while we are broadcasting the game, so that in this way the broadcast is enriched by being able to add any repetition of a play .

How to do it? Through the new view in which all the recordings of the cameras found in the stadium are collected: then, you choose the camera, the moment to be repeated, the duration of the replay, and the replay is automatically created appearing as a new graphic element in Cloud Mixer so that the producer can select it and show it in the production that is being carried out.

In addition to being able to choose the camera on which you want to create the replay (we can have different views of the same play) and the duration of this, you can also choose the speed to create replays with a high level of detail. These can be renamed, deleted and exported so that a match summary can be created live to be available at half-time or at the end of the match.

With this, we have a new functionality available and the Cloud Mixer is ready to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.

* The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 954040


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