tiivii broadcasted on live the events of the festival of the Virgin of Begoña in Bilbao

cinfo, a leading Spanish company in automatic production technologies, broadcasted on live the main religious events at the Basilica of Begoña on Sunday 11 October from 8 am to 9 pm due the feast of the Virgin of Begoña, saint of Bizkaia, thus providing the opportunity for people to attend from their homes one of the most popular celebrations in Bilbao and Bizkaia due to the reduction in capacity established by the COVID-19.

This broadcast was possible due to the alliance of Euskaltel and the Bilbao Bishopric with cinfo for the incorporation of tiivii, an automatic video production system in the cloud that allows fixed and mobile cameras directed by artificial intelligence to produce the TV signal automatically, reducing the costs of quality video production and providing an advanced installation that can be adapted to any type of event.

For the correct live broadcast of the ceremonies, a camera had been installed in the Basilica that collects the different shots at each moment; an encoder or audio encoder that collects the input from the different microphones in the Basilica in analog format and transforms the sound into a digital signal; and an environmental microphone, which also acts as a backup of the audio.

tiivii is a product designed for the generation of content and audiovisual production of events in a totally automated way, which allows the creation from scratch and quickly and easily of a TV channel to transmit it on the Internet automatically.  In addition, tiivii solves its clients from the recording of an event to the production, realization and broadcasting on the Internet through any video platform, either its own or that of third parties.

With this technology it is possible to record an event without having to move a team to the place where it takes place, it also has a cloud production table that allows the production of the highest quality events, scalable and combined with artificial intelligence for detection of people, objects and classification of scenes in real time

The installation of tiivii guaranteed that the event had audio and video quality from homes through the website of the bishopric www.bizkeliza.org which has set up a special section dedicated to the retransmission of the masses.

10th anniversary of the appointment of the Bishop of Bilbao

The health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is currently altering some of the most deeply rooted and everyday customs and traditions. This is especially evident on such important dates as the celebration of the Virgen de Begoña. For this reason, this year the Diocese of Bilbao is making it possible for people who cannot attend in person to follow the ceremonies live from their homes. Precisely this coming 11 October will mark the tenth anniversary of Mario Iceta’s appointment as Bishop of Bilbao and he will preside over the High Mass at 12 noon in the basilica. It will be his last celebration on Amatxu Day as prelate in Bilbao, as from 5 December he will be Archbishop of Burgos. Many of the faithful will follow the celebration thanks to technology, and in particular to Artificial Intelligence, which has become a great partner bringing religious celebrations closer nowadays when the capacity of the churches has been reduced to 75%.

* The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 954040


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