Smart Cities

A city is a system of systems: water, electricity, buildings, schools, hospitals, infrastructures, natural environment ... The digital transformation of your city begins today.

At cinfo we are experts transforming ideas into tangible facts and ensuring that your city, your neighborhood, your building is efficient, respectful of the environment and contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of all citizens, allowing to the achievement of the global sustainability and circular economy goals. Among other areas, we act in:

  • Modernizing buildings and infrastructures and the way they are managed.
  • Making sustainable mobility a reality, monitoring and adopting measures in real time for the continuous improvement of its management.
  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve road safety, MSW management or control of conflictive areas.
  • Offering platforms and technological solutions accessible to all people.
  • Improving people’s well-being and making our environment more accessible.


Permanent monitoring of the environment and sustainability

Smart, real-time management of MSW

Monitoring of dumping areas and MSW deposit points

Comprehensive management of the water cycle

the supply and sanitation network monitoring

Gardens Automatic and intelligent irrigation

Energy efficiency

Monitoring and control of noise and light pollution

Air quality permanent monitoring

Buildings, infrastructures and public space

Efficient urban planning

Automation and control of buildings and infrastructures

Digital twins of buildings, infrastructures, networks or complexes and urban environments

Monitoring, scenarios prediction and solutions anticipation

Occupancy, air quality and energy use


Monitoring and management of urban mobility (IoT and AI)

Monitoring and management of autonomous electric transport through IoT and AI

Electric vehicle charging stations

DUM urban merchandise distribution areas

Parking through IoT and AI

AI at the service of road safety

Real-time monitoring of accessibility and security conditions using AI


Monitoring, control and reduction of consumption

Adaptation of consumption to the time of day and the presence of people

Spaces disinfection and continuous protection of users and personnel

Wireless connectivity

Sensors incorporation

Security and confort

Registration certification through AI

Body / face recognition

Continuous monitoring of occupancy, air quality, energy use, etc. in buildings, infrastructures and public space

Comfort conditions monitoring and regulation

Automatic door opening / closing

Detection of events likely to be a risk

VIP user identification

Efficient agglomeration management

Reduction of waiting times

Improving people’s experience through BI

Personalization and anticipation of user preferences

Tourism and leisure

Applications to facilitate tourist visits, especially reduced mobility or visual impairment, and maximize the experience of the city

Interactive consumer and leisure guides

Search, recommendation and location of shopping places and restaurants

Make predictions of tourist behavior and personalize your experience

Monitoring, evaluation and management of impacts (overcrowding, gentrification, etc.)

Platform for technological, interactive, social and collaborative experiences

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