Brands and sponsors

Link your brand to cultural events and the most authentic music

Sponsoring cultural events such as festivals or concerts boosts any brand and helps you get involved in projects of interest to your consumers. Our video technology allows the inclusion of ads and sponsored spaces within the video or within the same broadcast platform for brands and sponsors to connect with fans.

Find venues for your brand

creates completely new categories of content

your brand can be in millions of homes with minimal cost: we help you to get into the television operators

high quality signals for small events, channels, IP events, events on mobile devices, your brand will be the protagonist for thousands of fans

TV for social networks

concerts and live shows always generate connection

cinfo connects with video services of social networks

generates native content for social networks

Link your brand to any show

select the best moments of the show

support artists on the rise

connect with the fans

New formats

broadcast in multi-camera format

sponsor a tour, photocall or a moment of the show

multi-channel broadcast for simultaneous live performances

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