Museums and art galleries

Digitize any work with 8K quality and create your own tv channel

The passion for art knows no bounds. And the experience that artists, experts and lovers of the art world can live either.

Create your own automatic tv channel on the internet and generate live or on-demand content for everyone to enjoy great artwork from home.

Digitize each work and create a graphic library in high resolution.

Create your own tv channel

create loyalty in art lovers. Don’t let them miss even one exhibition

produce audiovisual productions on temporary or permanent exhibitions

prepare special cameras for flagship works or for didactic units

Create your own digital library with the works of your museum

digitize any work of art with 8K quality

captures the maximum detail of each work. Even what is undetectable to the human eye

photograph each work inch by inch

Educational video platform for museums

turns the museum’s teaching units into pure entertainment

generate visual and inclusive content. Integrates images, 3D video objects and layers for the deaf, sign language, multilanguage.

Increase your diffusion

exploits digitised works in high quality

offers a virtual visit to the temporary exhibitions with the entrance

improves the reputation and visibility of your institution

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