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We are in # 5GDIGTop100 of Vodafone companies

Winners in Startups competition by GSIC

CINFO SL en el marco del Programa ICEX Next, ha contado con el apoyo de ICEX y con la cofinanciación del fondo europeo FEDER. La finalidad de este apoyo es contribuir al desarrollo internacional de la empresa y de su entorno.

Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional

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The internet tv solution that allows you to broadcast matches, classes, shows and events automatically and with high quality

Produce your events

Record, perform and video produce any type of audiovisual event to broadcast live or on demand through all kinds of platforms. Direct, delayed and video on demand.

Monetize your events

With tiivii you can earn extra income by generating subscriptions for your audience, inserting advertising and sponsorships and adding e-commerce to your events.

tiivii multicamera

We have created a new cloud-based service that allows the viewer to choose the camera(s) they want to watch the event from, live with zero latency.

We can integrate this service to any existing web or app, or develop a customized platform. Also available on TV or decoders.



tiivii is the perfect solution for mixed education, when part of the students are connected remotely from home. With tiivii, the cameras follow the movement of the teacher/professor, while sending audio signal and a clear view of the board, projector or computer, and even their fellow students in the room. Your students will be able to interact with their classmates and comfortably connect to their classes online.

AI for video for open spaces

Video analysis with 24h object tracking


Video supervision

Live recording and watching

All installations centralized in one platform

Remote supervision from anywhere

Access control

Facial recognition and people detection

Video analysis tool, crowd detection and digitalization of access control

License plate recognition software

Heat maps and people count

Video analysis

Creation of a uniform control environment collecting any number of cameras

Analysis of interest areas within the video

Preventative alerts and automation of actions in real-time

Smart event management

automatic recognition of interesting clips

Continuous video tagging for tracing

Real-time alerts


The digital transformation of your city begins today

we help you

  • Modernizing buildings and infrastructures and the way they are managed.
  • Making sustainable mobility a reality, monitoring and adopting measures in real time for the continuous improvement of its management.
  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve road safety, MSW management or control of conflictive areas.
  • Offering platforms and technological solutions accessible to all people.
  • Improving people’s well-being and making our environment more accessible.


The new lighting generation

Efficient lighting

  • Last generation LED technology 
  • Consumption savings
  • Integrated with cameras and wifi networks
  • Remote and centralized management of all lights
    • Parameter adjustment: intensity, frequency, etc.
    • AI algorithm management

Smart lighting

  • Artificial Intelligence algorithm development within lights 
  • Local algorithm execution but centralized global management 
  • Heat maps; people, queue and license plate detection; tracking, garbage disposal control, etc. 

OTT Platform


Single platform with the entire video distribution cycle integrated

Personalized and multi-device OTT

Next-generation CMS for management

Detailed analytics

Content creation

Apps and Devices

Our capabilities include

  • Development of native apps: Android TV, OpenTV, Linux for operator STBs
  • Integration with operator’s and third-party backends to build UI
  • Knowledge of TV standards (DVB) and channel signaling
  • Google certification (Android TV)
  • Integration with conditional broadcast access systems (Nagra) and OTT (Widevine, PlayReady)
  • Android TV apps for presentation of multimedia content
  • MQTT integration for remote control
  • Integration of publicity platform in the UI
  • Integration and management of analytics platform and audience control (Google Analytics, firebase..)


Technology and services to enrich the EPG of television operators and catalogs of VOD / OTT platforms



Flexible integration

Unique identifiers

Support 24/7

Content recommendation

Extensive database

End-to-end operative

Marker adjustment

Synchronization of scheduling

Do yo want to test it out? Get in touch with us and let's talk about it.


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