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Automated technology in the cloud, including all the elements of a professional audiovisual production: recording, real time production and broadcasting.



Simplify audiovisual production of shows: capture, produce and broadcast using our cloud tools.


Industry and Public Administrations

We apply artificial intelligence, video and Big Data technologies in response to the needs of private companies and the public sector.


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latest news

University of A Coruña implements cinfo’s edustream system

edustream is a teaching system with 2 main advantages: it adapts to the teacher’s way of teaching, allowing him freedom to move around the classroom all students, both those who are in the classroom and those who are remotely, can follow the class in the same way The versatility of the system allows it to be used for educational purposes, reinforcing collaboration with international teams and promoting transfer to companies edustream service was launched on the market on November the 1st, 2020 and has already taught more than 1,200 classes and is installed in more than 200 classrooms The Competence

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cinfo will develop a registration campaign for the Council of Lalín

The Council of Lalín, with 20,207 residents, will spend 5,000 euros on an advertising campaign to increase the number of registrations in the municipality and thus promote social dynamism and public services. The annual campaign, developed by cinfo, will be based on different types of dissemination, mixing digital media such as website, mailings, banners with traditional media such as billboards, print advertising, leaflets, radio spots and contests. With this campaign, the Concello will seek to consolidate its fixed population and maintain the first category in terms of municipalities, which requires a population of over 20,000 people.

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tiivii is used by the Centro Dramático Gallego to broadcast the play O Charco de Ulises

tiivii has broadcast the play “O Charco de Ulises”, a version of the Greek classic The Odyssey revised from the perspective of Galician emigration, by the Centro Dramático Gallego (CDG), a theatrical unit of the Xunta de Galicia. The play, directed by Santiago Cortegoso and Marián Bañobre, places Homer’s classic in a transatlantic context parallel to The Odyssey in which a dialogue with the original myth is generated. Poetically addressing the phenomenon of Galician emigration through a Ulysses who wanders for ten years between different islands, the play changes the different original locations (Ithaca, Troy and the Mediterranean Sea) for

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