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Automated technology in the cloud, including all the elements of a professional audiovisual production: recording, real time production and broadcasting.



Simplify audiovisual production of shows: capture, produce and broadcast using our cloud tools.


Industry and Public Administrations

We apply artificial intelligence, video and Big Data technologies in response to the needs of private companies and the public sector.


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latest news

tiivii arrives to the Galician townships

Telefónica is implementing its 5G network in Galicia and this year expects to reach 134 towns and cities, which represent 74% of the Galician population. With this deployment, not only is the best mobile technology available to Galician citizens and municipalities, but also the possibility of benefiting from other cutting-edge technologies such as cinfo’s tiivii. tiivii is an automatic event production service using artificial intelligence that allows the transmission of events at 10% of the cost of a traditional broadcast. In this way, town halls, low- budget teams, minority sports, music halls, theatres or schools can broadcast their events on

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tiivii incorporates a new view that creates replays during the live broadcast

After commenting all the improvements made to the tiivii’s graphic media interface (link), we present a new view that creates replays while we are broadcasting the game, so that in this way the broadcast is enriched by being able to add any repetition of a play . How to do it? Through the new view in which all the recordings of the cameras found in the stadium are collected: then, you choose the camera, the moment to be repeated, the duration of the replay, and the replay is automatically created appearing as a new graphic element in Cloud Mixer so

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tiivii broadcasted on live the events of the festival of the Virgin of Begoña in Bilbao

cinfo, a leading Spanish company in automatic production technologies, broadcasted on live the main religious events at the Basilica of Begoña on Sunday 11 October from 8 am to 9 pm due the feast of the Virgin of Begoña, saint of Bizkaia, thus providing the opportunity for people to attend from their homes one of the most popular celebrations in Bilbao and Bizkaia due to the reduction in capacity established by the COVID-19. This broadcast was possible due to the alliance of Euskaltel and the Bilbao Bishopric with cinfo for the incorporation of tiivii, an automatic video production system in the

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