Automated TV Platform
 for Live Events
 Artificial Intelligence  
 & Video

We participate in the 5G pilots of Telefónica for

We are in # 5GDIGTop100 of Vodafone companies

Winners in Startups competition by GSIC



The internet tv solution that allows you to broadcast matches, classes, shows and events automatically and with high quality

Produce your events

Record, perform and video produce any type of audiovisual event to broadcast live or on demand through all kinds of platforms. Direct, delayed and video on demand.

Monetize your events

With tiivii you can earn extra income by generating subscriptions for your audience, inserting advertising and sponsorships and adding e-commerce to your events.


Give a new life to your content and multiply its dissemination

Be the owner of your videos. Leave YouTube behind and start having a direct relationship with your
subscribers and decide on your income


Single platform with the entire video distribution cycle integrated

Personalized and multi-device OTT

Next-generation CMS for management

Detailed analytics

Content creation

AI for industries

We apply artificial intelligence, video and Big Data technologies in response to the needs of private companies and the public sector.


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