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Automated technology in the cloud, including all the elements of a professional audiovisual production: recording, real time production and broadcasting.



Simplify audiovisual production of shows: capture, produce and broadcast using our cloud tools.


Industry and Public Administrations

We apply artificial intelligence, video and Big Data technologies in response to the needs of private companies and the public sector.


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Telefónica, Real Club Deportivo, cinfo and Ericsson provide Abanca-Riazor with the largest 5G coverage in an European stadium

The Abanca-Riazor Stadium in A Coruña, home of the Real Club Deportivo, will become the stadium in Europe with the most complete deployment of 5G coverage and use cases. The main functionality will enable the live broadcasting of sporting events with automatic production based on Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence, also having additional services such as KissCam, heat maps through augmented reality and multi-camera TV. Telefónica has installed a dedicated 5G network that includes 5G coverage in both the 3.5 GHz band and millimeter frequencies, ensuring bandwidth levels of several gigabit per second and ultra-low latencies, essential characteristics to be

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RC Celta will install tiivii at their training fields in A Madroa and at their press rooms

RC Celta and LaLiga have developed a automation program together with cinfo, one of the 2019 Startup Competition winners, organized by ‘TheOriginal Inspiration Center by LaLiga’ at the end of last year. The project includes the installation of tiivii at the teams training fields in A Madroa, which can be relocated to the “Sport City” and the press rooms of the team, to record, reproduce and edit content automatically on the cloud, without the need for the production team to physically be at the venue. Thanks to this technology the RC Celta’s fans will be able to watch the games

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Italian and Japanese culture come together thanks to tiivii technology

Tiivii has broadcasted a short concert of the work “The Barber of Seville” performed by the Bologna Opera for Japan and completed with the drawings of the manga projected on the back. This concert arises from the initiative of the Cultural Association NipPop founded in 2013 and located in Bologna. The Cultural Association NipPop,  aims toward the promotion of contemporary Japanese culture in Italy, through a calendar of events, workshops, exhibitions and conferences drawing world-renowned artists and scholars. In parallel, through its web page, NipPop caters to Japanese culture students and enthusiasts – as well as cinema and art in

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