Production companies

Make your commercial network profitable and reach much more with the same structure.

Producing audiovisual content requires a large investment in equipment and technical means. Save costs in the generation of content and in the retransmission of live concerts with technology capable of editing them in the cloud.

Distribute our system to your customers, edit through the internet, automatically record acoustic concerts and simplify the logistics required for any audiovisual production.

Reduce costs

without moving equipment and technical means

cloud editing desk

our tech is compatible with any kind of camera. We advise you

Develop your services

use our linear channel generator

become a global service provider: from events to channel producer

dare to use our simultaneous mosaics

Generate more content

streamline the production of concerts

produce simultaneous events

program the system so it records and broadcasts for you


accessible from anywhere

available 24h, 365 days a year

saves time and effort in management

Do yo want to try it? We get in touch with you without commitment

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