Pay TV Platforms

Local content: the new opportunity

Pay-TV is always on the lookout for the most relevant content for its customers. Cinfo offers access to a new category of content: live local sporting events. From grassroots sports to regional or regional leagues, with Cinfo technology you can create everything from live events to complete linear channels for each sport. The local sport connected to each family is highly facilitating and the clubs are eager to have an audiovisual partner to broadcast them. 

New content for your tv service

local sporting events

tournaments and competitions

better plays and content for social networks

New formats

broadcast in multi-camera format

virtual reality broadcast

multi-channel broadcast for simultaneous live events

Automatic tv channels

we group all the events and serve them also in channel format

resolve multiple simultaneous live streams with interactive navigation through mosaics of channels or events

we support all video formats of any TV headend in the market

Develop your brand

partner with city clubs in coverage

generate clips with each week’s best plays

associate yourself with the great values of amateur sport

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