Reinforce the coverage of your TV channels with our remote cameras and power your OTT strategy in parallel

Use our video technology to connect permanently with sports venues

Long Term Weekend Programs

permanently connected high quality fixed cameras. It also incorporates steadycams

Incorporates shoulder held cameras along with fixed cameras

local or remote audio and statistics

use your editing table or combine it with our table in the cloud

Power your OTT strategy

record hundreds of events and offer them for OTT

select the best content for your main channels

reinforce your connection to authentic sport

Audiovisual production with IA

automatic production system

crop the best plays from headquarters

allow viewers to contribute with their mobile devices

New types of content

uses our synthetic video technology for educational or cultural content

take advantage of our HbbTV know-how: don’t lose the power to transparently assign an app to your channels

develops multi-camera or multi-scenario services, with zero latency between cameras

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