Sport Federations

Record and broadcast live all the competitions and tournaments you organize

Every year, the Spanish federations organize more than 2,500 competitions. All of them arouse great interest among fans. Perhaps the main competitions can generate income through the sale of rights, but many highly attractive categories are not broadcast due to high production costs and the lack of broadcast slots.

Our video technology combined with our management platforms are the perfect answer to the problem. Automatically record, edit and broadcast your events, live or deferred. If you want to get started with your service to the fans, perfect. If you want to slow down, you can use distribution platforms for a while, with Youtube, Vimeo or the OTT platform you want.

You don’t need camera operators. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), our technology can understand your sport and select the best shots. The costs are so low that from a few spectators per game it will be profitable.

Retransmit live

match live or on demand

without camera operators. Follow the game

live voiceover and virtual scoreboard

New business models

start by broadcasting full open-air leagues

increase advertising space and attracts sponsors

develop your own subscription business: cinfo provides you with a complete off the shelf OTT

Increase fan experience

increases loyalty of the fans. Don’t let them miss a competition

multi-device broadcast accessible from anywhere

generates content automatically and quickly

And much more...

makes any competition and tournament visible

support your coaches with our Second Coach tool

generates an audiovisual library for grassroots sports and families

Do yo want to try it? We get in touch with you without commitment

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