Turn any educational content into pure entertainment

Our technology makes it easy to create multimedia content that makes a difference to any student’s learning. It is capable of generating a 3D representation of a geological fault during its explanation so that any student understands perfectly the layers of which the fault is composed or what happens when two plates collide.

Video educational platform

Multilayer player with online layer configurator

library of multimedia resources to standardize your television channel

full integration with your LMS to monitor student activity


integrates layers for deaf, sign language, multilanguage

change audio tracks or subtitles in real time without having to stop the video

content synchronized with the explanation

Outstanding features

3D objects can be integrated into 3D video

tests, questions, bifurcations…your video doesn’t look the same twice and some contents can be linked to others

graphics, subtitles and multiple audio tracks


test programming during explanation

test with bifurcated questions

analysis and statistics of results

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