EPG technology and platform for any television operator: extensive metadata database and multi-language translation system


cinfo serves the best EPG of the Spanish audiovisual market

  • development, platform and content: design, analysis of content, usability, integration, support and operation in one single company 
  • wide database of related metadata for added value and cost reduction on TV platforms: synopsis, trailers, images, subtitles, director’s and actor’s biographies, etc
  • our smart system translates Spanish from Spain into Latin American Spanish, in addition to Portuguese and other languages
  • differentiating features: 24x7x365 attention, permanent auditing, great value for the money


The place where our different modules take care of all audiovisual content and its operation

  • Our solution satisfies the main functionalities required by any TV operator for its operating metadata
  • Our team of editors, who are in constant communication with the customer, produces unique features that provide real added value:
    o Unique ID
    o Continued evolution
    o Multidevice
    o 24x7x365 proactive editing
    o Automatic smart categorization
    o Operative synergies
    o “One-stop” window

 All of this signifies cost reduction, greater control and quality for the customer


VOD platforms contain a vast amount of information about films, documentaries, TV shows, etc. that a user can see before pressing play. Our team utilizes VOD platforms to provide users every detail about the content (synopsis, casting, recommendations, etc.), making it is easier for the user to make a decision on what to watch

In addition to editing all these fields of data, cinfo operates and prioritizes the load of the system, the features and any other business rules that the client wants to put into practice


This module provides access to our EPG information from any authorized and connected device

As it is hosted on flexible servers, it is capable to deliver metadata to a central operator or to millions of final users without hiccups. With a flexible API any kind of device can use it  to retrieve full sets of data or simply answer a very concrete question. It understands all kinds of questions such as “Who plays Rick Deckard in Blade Runner?” or “Give me the full plot for ‘Downton Abbe’, for each season and for each episode’. Plus cast and crew”. In the end, no doubt is left unsolved


Provides almost any information that your users may need to decide what to watch, and for your editors to convince them:

  • Full technical datasheet of series, films, documentaries, cartoons, etc with multiple formats and multilingual synopsis, varying in length and complexity
  • Almost any type of extended information related to the movie, series or documentary: subtitles, tags, locations, marks, bookmarks, biographies, maps, urls, recommendations, characters, actors, people relationships, songs, etc
  • For all multimedia purposes, a storage systems that delivers any file in any format, size or dimensions needed


At cinfo we know that TV is a place to unwind and relax. We make enough decisions everyday. That’s why we have been developing a recommendation engine that learns the different tastes of the members of a household and suggests movies and series to them

You only have to worry about getting the popcorn ready


We interprete and extract knowledge from the millions of interactions of users with their remote controls using big data technologies. It searches for patterns and makes sense of gigabytes of data to better understand what we talk about when talking about watching TV

Do yo want to test it out? Get in touch with us and let's talk about it.