Technology and services to enrich the EPG of television operators and catalogs of VOD / OTT platforms


Flexible integration

with customer platforms

Unique identifiers

to facilitate integration with third parties


365 days a year

Content recommendation

for the user

Extensive database

of audiovisual products in continuous evolution


from channel interaction to final enriched material delivery

Marker adjustment

to fix catchup scheduling problems

Synchronization of scheduling

updates posted by broadcast channels

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VOD contents per month
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cast and crew
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final users access our contents
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Audiovisual products in our database
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Serialized products
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Images in our DB

Cinfo's R&D enables us to offer additional Content Discovery services.

  • Subtitle extraction and processing
  • Use of AI for scene analysis, extraction of scene meta-information and automatic labeling
  • Automatic detection of advertisements on broadcast channels
  • Generation of mosaic channels for effective visual navigation through all the client’s channels offer.
  • Generation of barker channels to include in the customer’s grid

What do we offer in the service?

cinfo has a database with metadata and images of audiovisual products from broadcast channels and available in OTT/VOD catalogues

Basic information

For the program of any broadcasting channel, we have specific information of the events

Broadcast channel | Broadcast day/time (start-finish, duration) | Audiovisual product

Extended information

Associated with the EPG and an OTT/VOD catalogue, we have...

Title | Original Title | Country of Origin | Year of Production | Original Language | Production Companies | Length | Age Rating | Genre | Sub-genre | Cast&crew | Synopsis | Unique ID | Tags | Image


Serialized products

For series, the following additional meta-information is available

Episode title | Seasonal number | Episode number | Identifier of the serial product

In addition to the basic EPG service offer, cinfo offers some customers additional packages that provide added value.


Main additional services...

Content flagging service | Marker adjustment service | Additional Metadata | Content Ratings from reference sources | EPG translation | Highlighting service | Editorial content development | VOD catalog management

Extra material

Additional services/metadata...

Pictures of actors | Pictures of scenes | Media reviews | Trailers | Subtitles | Movie news | Movie billboards | Soundtracks | References for physical media purchase

Do yo want to test it out? Get in touch with us and let's talk about it.