OTT platform

Give a new life to your content and multiply its distribution Be the owner of your videos. Leave YouTube behind and start having a direct relationship with your subscribers and decide on your income


Single platform with the entire video distribution cycle integrated

• Management of videos and live events

• Multiplatform distribution and CDN friendly

• Interactive and monetization tools

• Integration with payment platforms: Product, customer and billing management

Personalized and multi-device OTT

• You’re the boss. We create your OTT in just 6 weeks

• Customized frontends for web, Android, iOS and AndroidTV

• With your own monetization strategy: Freemium, AVoD (Advertisement VoD), SVoD(Subscription VoD) and TVoD (Transactional VoD)

•Gamification and user engagement strategies applied

Next-generation CMS for management

• Simple and intuitive interface for loading content

• Organize channels and sections

• Categorization and labeling

• Advertising and subscription management

• Available immediately in all distributed apps without the need for slow updates

Detailed analytics

• Know your users behaviour

• Most viewed and highest rated content

• Subscribers life cycle

• Customized analytics

Content creation

• If you need to create your live content, we are experts in that too. Discover tiivii

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