tiivii and Oh! Jazz offer jazz around the world

We love travel and that is what we do with our client Oh! Jazz!
Oh! Jazz and cinfo produce shows every week from 5 different countries: JazzB in São Paulo, JazzLab in Melbourne, 606 Club in London, BODY&SOUL in Tokyo, and Café Berlín in Madrid.
Oh! Jazz is a jazz platform for live and on demand content of shows, songs, playlists, interviews and masterclasses. Their goal is to provide jazz fans around the world with the experience of live jazz from the comfort of their home, bringing all styles and influences of jazz together, while helping the clubs and artists.
We are proud to have partnered with Oh! Jazz, for the production of the shows using tiivii’s remote production system on the cloud, as well as for the development of their personalized OTT platform.
Both systems are fully integrated to simplify the process of content creation and publication, offering a unique experience in live show production
Thanks to tiivii, Oh! Jazz can produce great quality shows, mixing cameras, performing smooth pannings, impressive zooms, and so on, all while producing from anywhere.
And thanks to tiivii OTT, you can enjoy the best videos and sound on your PC, tablet, mobile phone, and television thanks to our Android, iOS, and Android TV apps

Enjoy the best jazz in the world on the OTT watch.ohjazz.tv and produce and broadcast your concerts with the simplest and most efficient tool, tiivii.

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