tiivii, cinfo’s automatic production platform, will be used by R and the Vilagarcía city council for the broadcasting of sports events with 5G.

  • The Galician operator R, the city council of Vilagarcía de Arousa, and cinfo have agreed to develop a project with 5G technology to record and broadcast sports events at the municipal stadium of A Lomba.
  • The intelligent system of the project allows live streaming through the internet on multiple platforms and manual event management from anywhere, in addition to offering a simultaneous multicamera service with automatic switching.
  •  The trial, which has just been launched, will test the 5G data connectivity of this state-of-the-art service on the Singtel platform, R’s technological partner, and with cinfo’s tiivii application.

The city council of Vilagarcía de Arousa in Pontevedra and R have reached an agreement to develop a project based on 5G technology for recording and broadcasting sports events (‘videostreaming’) in real-time. This state-of-the-art service will be implemented at the municipal stadium of A Lomba through the automatic and remote production system with 4K video capabilities tiivii.

The artificial intelligence applied to the automatic broadcast of the event will allow it to be received through multiple internet platforms without the need for camera operators, both in deferred and live modes. Additionally, remote production can be executed, for example, of a football match played at the stadium facilities, through a cloud production table accessible from anywhere and with the possibility of manual management. A multicamera system included in the pilot also facilitates immediate simultaneous camera changes, considering the most specific and interesting tactical objectives for the sport.

Cutting-edge technology for enjoying sports in real-time

The trial, which has just been launched, will test the 5G data connectivity of this state-of-the-art service on the Paragon platform of Singtel, R’s technological partner, and with cinfo’s tiivii application.

The platform is pioneering in the number of capabilities it brings together applied to 5G networks; among others, the ability to provide unprecedented control of multiple applications. This translates into speed, efficiency, and reduction of operational costs and people when offering the videostreaming service that will be tested at the A Lomba stadium in the coming months. Additionally, with a single tool, the technological requirements of the system in cybersecurity, present and future innovation, and optimized 5G are covered.

In the viewing of the event, there is no limit to viewers, who will appreciate all these advantages – simultaneously on several platforms if they wish – when enjoying sports in real-time (or deferred) with excellent image quality, potentially enriched with melodies, graphics, voiceovers, or canned videos, manual replay of plays from the sports event, etc.

The intelligent system of the platform will allow the broadcasting and recording, for example, of competitions and official football matches, exhibitions, training sessions, and other events of that nature held at the Vilagarcía stadium.

And to collaborate in training, “Second Coach”

Another feature of the system is “Second Coach,” especially aimed at trainers and technical staff to improve sports performance through recordings of training routines and matches as technical execution for viewing and analysis at another time. Following the project’s idea, training sessions or techniques can be recorded and viewed from different camera angles, make advances, reverses, and zooms in the video or even mark points of interest for retrieval and review later.

In summary, the current agreement to test and implement this pioneering 5G system is just the first step of a cutting-edge service with great potential. Its path opens, on this occasion to the Pontevedra locality, immense possibilities of technological innovation for the enjoyment of all kinds of events in the immediate future.

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