City councils

Strengthen your sports policy by helping clubs and highlighting the values of grassroots sport

Use our video technology to give more diffusion to the sport of your Town Hall.

f a sporting and cultural nature visible and exercise transparency by broadcasting the town hall plenary sessions live.

Help your clubs get more sponsors

reinforce the appeal of your sports facilities with our automatic emission system

each club will be able to easily increase its income thanks to the attractiveness of the system for sponsors, also taking care of operating costs

tournaments and special competitions can be easily broadcast

Generate a modern local television channel

with our strategically located systems you will be able to generate sports, cultural and informative contents that feed a local TV channel.

combine our automatic production with the linear channel platform and internet broadcast

Empower positive role models in youth

help young people to make themselves known and to value their efforts

use our clip tools to highlight the best sporting moments of each week

broadcast your plenary sessions automatically

the broadcast of plenary sessions on a permanent basis is an indication of open and transparent government

our fixed infrastructure minimizes hassles and guarantees all points of view

municipal groups can do their own post-production afterwards

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