The challenge of attracting traffic to the store is less difficult with an audiovisual strategy

Consumers have changed. Their relationship with brands is different and they can admit to being associated with them in an environment of trust and respect. Their recommendations are very valuable to new customers.

Cinfo technology allows you to create a small set in any corner of your store, even at the counter. Stream live from your store and attract traffic

Automatic tv set

operated from a mobile phone or from a tablet

automatic switching on of lights and cameras

publishing miniclips to social networks or to your own channel

Social Networking Campaigns

automatic production of promotional or product videos

easily publish reviews of new products without leaving the store

controlled and programmed distribution in social networks

Video analysis

real-time video analysis

analyzes the movement of people and objects within the store

detects specific positive and negative attitudes

Reduction of energy consumption

monitoring of environmental conditions

alerts and rules to trigger actions

centralization of data in the cloud, updated in real time

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