Grassroots sports

Record and broadcast junior competitions

Every day hundreds of events are held in schools, clubs and sports schools. The vast majority are neither recorded nor broadcast live. However, they arouse interest among family members and fans who cannot attend or who want to see them again.

Even the institutions that do broadcast their events live are unable to cover several at a time. Our IA video technology is the perfect answer for everyone. It records, edits and broadcasts a live or on-demand video on YouTube or another web server. You don’t need camera operators. Our technology is self-taught. Follow the action automatically and learn.


Record and share

match live or on demand


accessible from anywhere

Production AI

automatic recording

without camera operators. Follow the game

live voiceover and virtual scoreboard

Secure platform

LOPD advice

public or private broadcast

private recording management

And much more

finance yourself with ads on the video

generate an audiovisual library with downloads for families and players

work with your sponsors: they are the most interested in our system

Do yo want to try it? We get in touch with you without commitment