Smart surveillance, warehouses and grounds

Video analysis with 24/7 object tracking

Maintaining security in large areas poses serious challenges due to the effect of changing light from day to night, adverse weather conditions, continuous traffic or work peaks that bring together very large groups of people or objects.

We apply our know-how in video analysis on multiple cameras and permanent tracking of objects to solve with a few cameras complex cases that would require thousands of sensors.

Video monitoring

recording and live viewing

centralization of installations on a single platform

remote monitoring from anywhere


design of special cameras for extreme cases of use

integrates any number of sensors in custom housings

high quality image in low light conditions

Video analysis

creation of a unified control environment bringing together any number of cameras

analysis of areas of interest within the video

preventive alerts and automation of actions in real time

Intelligent event management

automatically trim interesting clips

we tag the video continuously for later tracing

real-time alerts

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