Sports clubs

Broadcast a live match automatically on your own TV channel

Very few sporting events are broadcast. However, they arouse a lot of interest among fans who can’t attend or who want to see them again.

Save costs when broadcasting tournaments and competitions with our AI video technology. Create an automatic TV channel on the internet without moving equipment to the recording location. You don’t need camera operators. Thanks to AI, cinfo technology records, follows the action and inserts over the video advertising and scoreboard in real time.

It also records trainings to analyze the technique and tactics of each athlete.

Retransmit live

match live or on demand

without camera operators. Follow the game

live voiceover and virtual bookmarking

Increase your income

create a tv channel under subscription with the parties

video advertising program

improve the visibility of advertising placed on the playing field

Increased fan experience

make your fans loyal. Don’t let them miss a match

replays of multi-camera plays

improve your engagement with new multi-device content

For coaches

tactical tool

180° view of the playing field

mark moments in the video and measures distances

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