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Interview with Antonio Rodríguez del Corral, cinfo’s CEO

In this article you can learn about some thoughts about the future of Artificial Intelligence made by Antonio Rodríguez del Corral, cinfo’s CEO of cinfo

Ribeira launches the EDUSI More Ribeira Atlantica communication campaign

cinfo’s content unit is the responsible of all the communication of the EDUSI Máis Ribeira Atlántica, the design of the campaign, the management of social networks, preparation of videos and press releases, posters, ….

cinfo’s Artificial Intelligence is installed in A Coruña canopy

The new canopy installed in A Coruña has an integrated camera system on which cinfo has developed Artificial Intelligence algorithms to detect, among other things, the number of people who get on and off each bus, the people who are waiting at the canopy at all times, waiting times or poorly parked vehicles All this information will be available for the council mobility service through different dashboards with the aim of improving the service offered to citizens
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