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Artificial Intelligence in A Madroa

The RC Celta implements tiivii’s video production system for monitoring youth players in training and matches.

Nine cameras to spot the new Iago Aspas

The RC Celta, second team of LaLiga Santander that gives more importance to its youth players, will implement in its sports city an advanced video system that allows technicians and fans to watch 300 future talents. 

Telefónica, Real Club Deportivo, cinfo and Ericsson provide Abanca-Riazor with the largest 5G coverage in an European stadium

Telefónica has implemented for this project specific 5G coverage within the stadium, both in 3.5 GHz and in millimetric bands, within the framework of the “5G Pilot in Galicia” co-financed by through ERDF funds. The pilot is completed with the cinfo tiivii system that manages 8 cameras managed live and in low latency through the 5G network: 5 robotic cameras for real time game monitoring, 2 fixed cameras for game analysis and 1 panoramic camera, all of them broadcasting the video live through the new generation network. The 5G network has been deployed with Ericsson technology, both for