Japanese tv interested in cinfo’s intelligent automatic video production system

The local channel TV Setouchi values its implementation for the broadcasting of baseball, American football and volleyball

A delegation from the channel visited the company today to learn more about the operation of cinfo’s automatic game tracking system and its advanced features

cinfo’s solution would lead to a significant reduction in production costs and allow the technical team to optimise their work

A Coruña, Monday 13 May 2019.- Representatives of the local Japanese television channel Setouchi, the only station on the Tokyo Network that broadcasts in the Chugoku-Shikoku region, today visit cinfo‘s facilities to learn more about the operation of tiivii, the intelligent automatic video production system in the cloud developed by the company and its possible application for the live broadcasting of baseball, American football and volleyball matches, which are among the sports imported from abroad with the greatest tradition in the country.

During the meeting, the CEO of cinfo, Antonio Rodríguez del Corral, explained to the members of Contents & Solutions Business Departament of TV Setouchi, Andrea Funaro and Hirokazu Shimauchi, the advantages of cinfo‘s technological solution, which allows to record, edit and broadcast live and automatically sport matches and events, without the need to move technical equipment, through the installation of a system of multiple automated cameras with 4K quality.

Previously and during the weekend, the directors of TV Setouchi had the opportunity to check in some of the sports facilities that are already working with cinfo‘s solution in Galicia the way their intelligent algorithms work to carry out the automatic monitoring of the game, choosing at all times the best shots.

It is the second time that representatives of the channel, mainly focused on the broadcast of cooking programs and animé content, visit cinfo, after a first contact made in November, as part of a reverse trade mission organized by the ICT Cluster and in which the advanced functionalities of technology and its possibilities to optimize the work of technical teams and substantially reduce production costs attracted positively the attention of the Japanese chain.

The implementation of cinfo‘s solution would mean for TV Setouchi a low-cost alternative to traditional systems for recording, producing and distributing sporting events, but with multiple advanced and professional functionalities such as remote editing in the cloud, multicamera or virtual reality experiences, as well as the possibility of introducing graphics and statistics, the commentary of a live speaker, zooms in the image or create replays of the best plays.

About cinfo

cinfo is a Galician-based company specializing in intelligent automatic video production systems in the cloud. Throughout its more than 15 years of trajectory it has developed user applications and high-performance system architectures for OTT (free-to-air Internet) platforms, smart TV, digital television, mobile apps, artificial vision systems and cloud video processing, positioning itself as a reference provider of metadata (descriptive content such as synopsis or fact sheets) of TV programmes, series and audiovisual content on demand for the Spanish-speaking market. Its clients include large companies and media such as RTVE, FOX, Grupo Televisa, Grupo Euskaltel, Babcock, Xunta de Galicia, Cellnex or Grupo Prisa.

Photo caption: (From left to right) Paula Eiroa, Cinfo Marketing, Andrea Funaro and Hirokazu Shimauchi, Setouchi TV Content and Business Development, Antonio Rodríguez, cinfo CEO, and Bernardo Riveira, cinfo COO.

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