Improve your business communications with our bespoke video solutions

Our smart corporate tv solution allows simultaneous broadcasts with up to 50 remote sites, and you can customize them according to your needs: streaming broadcast accessible from mobile, corporate intranet or social networks, event recording, interaction in mosaic format or allowing the intervention of a remote participant in the same broadcast.

Smart corporate tv is a made-to-measure product designed to give way to any idea of live broadcast of any video you have.

You can stream or record performance reports, press conferences and other live events, or bring the image of up to 50 participants in mosaic format, and return it to the remote sites along with the image and the main voice of the presenter, without connectivity problems.

Our technology allows live streaming on any CDN so that the network is not saturated. In addition, the image will never be frozen thanks to our security systems

If you are in a meeting or other event, you can follow the conference from your mobile phone, from the company intranet or from social networks.

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