We add new functionalities to our second coach tool for scouting your team

Now you can tag points of interest in your team’s training or match videos and download these clips. These are two of the new features that we have just added to our second coach tool, the tiivii video solution based on Artificial Intelligence for scouting.

With tiivii you can record your team’s trainings and matches to analyze them later, design plays, review your players’ technique or see where the strategy is failing.

cinfo sets up cameras connected to the internet in your venue to record the events you want and upload the video to the cloud for re-encoding in real time. On the player you can move over the recording to analyze in detail any moment of the video.

New features
As we said, we’ve added new features to make sports analysis easier. These are all the options you can control on the player:

  • visualization of the game from different points of view: it gives you a 180º vision, allows you to select a specific angle of vision or use the tactical multi-camera mode. You can make camera changes to view the same play from different points of view.
  • advance and rewind in the video: clicking on the time bar you can go to any moment of the recording. It also includes +20 and -20 second buttons to scroll forward or backward in time.
  • zoom and scroll within the video: Allows you to focus on certain areas of the field or follow the movement of some players. Starting, for example, from a fisheye camera recording, you can focus on the central area of the field and move over it to follow the action by dragging the mouse.
  • distance measurement: you can calculate the distance between two points of the field. Just hit the “measure distance” button and click the points between which you want to measure.
  • Bookmarks: it allows to bookmark the video the moments that we want to highlight (a goal, a play that we want to review later, etc.). These marks are stored with the recording, so we can access them in later analysis of that game.
    In addition, bookmarks can be exported as video clips and download them or generate a single video with the all the clips hitting the “record all” button.
  • exporting clips from points of interest: from the player you can record the video freely, including movements and camera changes made by the operator.

If you want to know more about the advantages of the second coach of tiivii for scouting, write to us.

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