Cinfo signs as Strategic Partner of Kipu Quantum for the Iberian Market.

• Cinfo will create a new team of developers of quantum algorithms specialized in Kipu Quantum technology.

• The team will jointly develop applications for the Telcos, Industry, Logistics, E-government, and Sports markets.

• A particular focus of the partnership will lie on AI quantum algorithms.

• Cinfo and Kipu Quantum will collaborate in tailoring open-source quantum computer systems for the Spanish, Latin American, and European markets.

Berlin and A Coruña. July 14, 2022

Cinfo and Kipu Quantum today have signed an agreement to stimulate the development of quantum computing technology and applications in the Iberian market. Kipu’s unique application-specific quantum computing approach will be used by Cinfo to develop new solutionsfor targeted markets in the Iberian peninsula.

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that promises to solve certain computational tasks in financial modeling, computational chemistry, logistics, artificial intelligence, and other areas by orders of magnitude faster execution and drastically reduced energy consumption. These tasks are either extremely time-consuming and take up to several weeks to be executed on conventional supercomputers, or are not feasibleat all.

Tobias Grab, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Kipu Quantum comments: “the potential of quantum computing is huge – solving computational problems such as prediction of properties of new catalysts, magnets or drugs can be extremely time consuming on conventional computers, which is why chemical modeling is either only done in coarse-grained, rough models or not at all. As a chemist, I have always been intrigued by the prospect of replacing tedious empirical lab work with high-accuracy modeling instead.”

The caveat: today’s quantum hardware is still in its infancy, and solving real-world problems with dominating and wide-spread approaches is going to require millions of qubits, a quantum computer’s building blocks. At present, the number of qubits is in the order of a few hundreds even on the most capable systems. Thus, deriving actual usefulness from conventional quantum computing concepts will become possible only in the distant future. Kipu Quantum’s unique technology and methods has the ability to slash these resource requirements by several orders of magnitude, which in effect will allow end users to solve real-world problems many years earlier.

Cinfo developers have already been trained in Kipu Quantum concepts and new experts will be hired to reinforce the team. Today, Cinfo is a company specialized in high-performance system development and in the value chain of video technology, including real-time AI video applications such as automatic TV production and real-time monitoring of smart cities. Both areas require the detection and movement prediction and behavior of the many detected objects.

Cinfo quantum team will apply Kipu Quantum concepts in the search for quantum advantage for Telcos and Retailers, Sports and E-government customers. Projects developed by Cinfo will count on Kipu Quantum expertise in the optimization of the problem definition. Kipu Quantum will benefit from a new revenue stream in emerging quantum ecosystems associated with professional services in new markets. The agreement entails a cooperation for at least 3 years, after which new developments will be executed.

Enrique Solano, founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Kipu Quantum remarked: “We developed Kipu Quantum’s technical foundation partly in Bilbao, Spain, so I am personally very excited to now bring the fruits of two decades of scientific work to Iberian users. Cinfo is the ideal partner to make that happen from Galicia to Spain, Latin America, and Europe with disruptive mindset, strategic investments, and proactive talent.”

Antonio Del Corral, founder and CEO of Cinfo “We are really excited about the new opportunities for Cinfo brought in by this partnership with Kipu Quantum. We have been conquered by the originality and applicability of Kipu Quantum technology and expect to soon start projects related to customer demands and also related to improvements for our core markets, Sport, TV & Telco. This partnership is also an opportunity for young talent in Galicia and Spain, where it is expected to increase the attraction of interdisciplinary profiles into STEM careers both in male and female youngsters”

About Kipu Quantum GmbH

Kipu Quantum is a German startup operating at the intersection of the quantum computer hardware and application software layers, with disruptive technological and algorithmic solutions for industries worldwide. Founded in 2021, Kipu Quantum’s approach has the potential to solve industry-relevant problems in the order of 1,000-5,000 physical qubits due to novel algorithmic compression methods and unique quantum computing design capabilities.
Kipu’s tech is compatible with all leading quantum hardware technologies, and is currently testing its compression technology with customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, logistics, artificial intelligence, and finance industries.“

About Cinfo

“Cinfo is a Spanish company based in Galicia, a leader in intelligent systems for cloud AI powered smart systems, including AI powered video production and real time telco OSS related systems. Throughout its more than 15 years of experience, it has developed high-performance system architectures for digital television, artificial vision systems, and video processing in the Cloud.

Cinfo main product is the tiivii platform, an AI based video automated system able to create televisión programmes automatically. tiivii is able to track and predict player positions in real time driving cameras and production systems along the way”

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