Padel joins tiivii family

We welcome tiivii to a new sport, padel.

Club Arenga Padel from Vigo has installed tiivii system in 3 of its courts. In two of them it is used for training and in one of them, to broadcast the championships that are played in their facilities

In recent months, Arenga has already broadcasted two championships that have been played on its courts and we can verify that great plays don’t only happen in the world padel tour

In addition, with tiivii training system, the quality of the classes taught improves considerably. Now it is possible that at the end of the training or during it, the player can see how he has executed each shot with which the possibility of improving his technique increases exponentially

And if the coach prefers to see and analyze it calmly, with second coach player you can move around the screen, zoom, choose which camera to see and take clips of each action and then review with the player

Do you dare to take your padel to another level?

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