tiivii launches its first commercial OTTs

tiivii already has two OTTs on the market. Both are related to the culture world and are already available to users

tiivii is a suite of products designed to optimize and improve audiovisual production and, in addition to an automatic production product, also has on the market a multimedia platform (OTT) so that viewers can see the contents in a high quality player

tiivii OTT you to create custom platforms for each client in a matter of weeks and supports any of the current video content, 4k video, 360 video, forked videos, augmented reality videos

In addition, it is designed so that customers can monetize their content in different ways, through subscriptions, through prerolls, mid rolls, post rolls, pay per view.

Two customers have already relied on tiivii OTT to bring their products to market. Teatre de Palma and Oh! Jazz

Teatre de Palma, in addition to the programming that can be enjoyed live in the theater itself, offers all spectators the same deferred content through the OTT that it has created with tiivii, main a la carte. In the OTT you can enjoy all the contents of the Theater in its different categories: Music, Opera, Dance and Theater.

Oh! Jazz is a streaming platform that lets you to watch exclusive Jazz shows from clubs around the world. Those events that are played in the clubs can be seen live or on demand on the platform created with tiivii

In addition, the streaming of these events is done using a tiivii system with 3 cameras installed in each of the clubs. The result is awesome

Customers where both, image quality and sound quality, are very important rely on tiivii to produce and broadcast their events which gives us an idea of the quality of the system.

We encourage you to connect to both platforms and enjoy their content

Are you looking for a high-quality OTT platform that can be launched into production in a few weeks? Contact us

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