cinfo is chosen by Axega for the supply of a mobile video surveillance system

Our knowledge of video technologies, their processing, and the application of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis to real-time video processing has allowed us to create tiivii, one of the most powerful and flexible video platforms in the market.

Thanks to this, we can offer an automatic production platform, a remote cloud-based production desk that allows us to enhance AI-based tracking, add graphics, scoreboard, replays, and voiceover to productions. Additionally, we provide a complete video surveillance platform.

This latter product, tiivii video supervision, has been chosen by the Emergency Galician Agency (AXEGA) for monitoring large-scale events such as concerts, popular festivals, etc. This enables them to detect any incidents early and minimize potential risks caused by crowds during the events.

With this product, AXEGA will have a live event control system using remotely controlled video cameras, remote monitoring, and a platform for viewing and control, tailored to the emergency context. Moreover, the camera system is mobile, allowing AXEGA to move them to points of interest, and it has already been successfully used in monitoring large events such as the “O Son do Camiño” festival in Santiago de Compostela and the Flower Festival of Ponteareas.

We love creating advanced products, but we love even more when our products are genuinely useful.

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