tiivii develops an Artificial Intelligence-based automated production system for Basque pelota

tiivii, our automated production system, enhances visibility for all sports, and through our partnership with Telefónica and Sony, we are developing an AI-driven automated production system for “Basque pelota”.

This system will detect gameplay situations such as serves, wall close hits, wall distant hits, and automatically select the best camera angle from available cameras in the venue, resulting in cost-effective television broadcasting.

“Basque pelota” is a sport in which players, either individually or in pairs, hit a ball against a wall using their hand or a racket. It is a traditional sport originating from the Basque Country and is also popular in other countries such as France, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, and the United States

You can learn more about the project in: https://www.telefonicaserviciosaudiovisuales.com/en/noticias/tsa-confirms-its-commitment-to-artificial-intelligence/

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