cinfo presents tiivii RP2, the new version of its automatic and remote production suite.

  • tiivii RP2 combines automatic and remote production, allowing the remote production of complex events, as well as automatic production managed by Artificial Intelligence
  • tiivii is cloud based and addresses bandwidth issues with new features ensuring  synchronization management and by the integration with 5G networks through Open Gateway-Camera APIS.
  • tiivii RP2 also increases the number of camera models and IP protocols supported.

September 15, 2023, Amsterdam: cinfo announced today at IBC 2023 an evolved version of its cloud-based automatic and remote production software, tiivii. This version has been the result of the combined work from the AI, video processing, and cloud orchestration teams.

tiivii was already a system for the automatic production of sports events such as football, handball, basketball, futsal, volleyball, water polo, hockey, tennis, paddle, swimming, or skating. Beyond sports, tiivii’s customers also broadcast concerts, conferences, talks, plays, masses, and public sessions.

What has always set tiivii‘s Artificial Intelligence apart is its separation of algorithm layers between objects and play analysis (tiivii camOp), making their detected data available for decision-making software (tiivii MixerOp). This strategy aims to build  AI camera production as human-like as possible. The system already allowed for the addition of announcers and commentators to live broadcasts, as well as any type of graphics or scoreboards.

The new version of tiivii, called tiivii RP2, introduces significant features:

  • Enhanced Artificial Intelligence
    • Improved overall framing and better understanding of context of sideline or corner plays, combining tracking of sideline plays without losing sight of the overall play.
    • Improved decision making to select the best camera for each situation, switching from panoramic to PTZ cameras following the recommendations of the AI.
    • Detection of specific plays in ball and racket sports, with pre-configured camera changes and zoom-ins linked to the detection.
    • Automatic tracking based on microphones for indoor event scenarios.
    • Automatic subtitling that allows for on-screen display of audio from any announcer or speaker.
  • More synchronization for heterogeneous cameras.
    • “Lip-sync” and real-time synchronization of all streams, advancing or delaying each stream and minimizing viewer perception of synchronization adjustments caused by network conditions.
    • A new control bus mechanism for analyzing all flows in real-time, providing information on latencies, bottlenecks, protocol incompatibilities, etc., natively and allowing for adjustments to camera delays to ensure synchronization.
    • Integration of Sony and ZCam cameras, in addition to an already extensive range of Axis cameras, tiivii‘s preferred partner.
    • Integration with 5G Red APIs from Open Gateway to request on-demand quality of service from the network.
  • Improved video processing
    • Video generation at 60fps or 4K, Chroma Keying, and Alpha Channel support.
    • Simultaneous support for panoramic cameras, PTZ cameras, fixed cameras, and mobile cameras.
    • Multiple output streams: Increased maximum output stream count, up to 7 simultaneous sessions at 1080p x 30fps on an AWS G4-type machine. New views include dirty and clean outputs, commentator output, monitoring output with statistics, and a tactical view with player tracking.
  • New features in tiivii cloud mixer
    • Picture-in-Picture support and embedded web browser for high-level internally or externally generated graphics.
    • Support for complex transitions and curtains.
    • The ability to make marks during live broadcasts to highlight plays, interventions, beginnings, or endings of specific situations.

tiivii RP2 allows for advanced production environments for broadcasting sports, music, public events, or educational events from the cloud with just an internet connection. There’s no need for local installations except for the cameras.

Productions with tiivii are not basic; they can include announcers and a variety of graphics, transitions, Picture-in-Picture, and real-time integration of external graphics.

You can see tiivii RP2 in action at cinfo’s booth at IBC 2023: 5.B88. Contact us for a personalized demo at

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