We keep improving our multilingual OTT. Automatic translations and automatically expanded synopses

The hunger for learning and to try new things is one of cinfo’s defining characteristics. A few months ago, we were all surprised by the emergence of AI-based language systems such as chatGPT, and of course, we have been learning how to use them and how to leverage them in our products.

As expected, we already have the first operational and functioning application to make our customers’ lives easier. Our OTT multimedia platform, tiivii OTT, is a multilingual platform, which until now required the client to write separate texts for each language they wanted to appear in the platform. That is no longer the case; now by writing the text in a single language, our system takes care of requesting the translations and applying them to the corresponding sections. Furthermore, if you wish, we can expand the synopsis of the content written by the client and then translate it.

We are a technology company, but we keep people at the core of everything we do. Technology alone does nothing, what matters is applying it so that people can be more efficient in their day-to-day lives.

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