Avilés choose tiivii to broadcast municipal plenary sessions

The municipality of Avilés has just signed a contract with cinfo to use its automatic production system, tiivii, to broadcast their municipal plenary sessions for the next two years.

The plenary sessions will use a mix of automatic broadcasting with broadcasts made manually thanks to tiivii’s cloud remote production mixer, which allows us to manage and control cameras, add graphics, videos, texts, configure color, etc. from anywhere in the world, just using a browser and an Internet connection.

Avilés joins the municipalities of Arrigorriaga, Cambados, Iurreta and Zaldíbar who are already using tiivii to broadcast their plenary sessions.

Plenary sessions broadcasting is just one of the applications of the automatic production tool, tiivii. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence system and the possibility of incorporating multiple independent and synchronized cameras into the broadcast, it is the ideal solution for broadcasting sport events, concerts, theater plays, plenary sessions, cultural events, presentations, talks, trainings, awards ceremonies, and even masses.

If you also want to try an automatic production system and save your production costs by 90%, contact us.

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