cinfo, Orange and TVG will develop a new project based on artificial intelligence with 5G technology

cinfo, a leading Spanish company in automatic production technologies, will carry out a pilot project of artificial intelligence applied to the broadcast of live sports at the O Couto football ground in the city of Ourense. The 5G network will be provided by Orange and has the participation of TVG, which continues to explore new, more digital and interactive ways of producing that result in a better public service.

This project has been one of those selected by to develop the promotion of 5G technology in Galicia. It will take advantage of the benefits and improvements provided by Orange’s new 5G network such as ultra speed and low latency.

cinfo, with its automated television production product tiivii, together with the advantages of 5G technology, will make it possible for some of the sports events held in Campo de O Couto to be broadcast in trials by Televisión de Galicia (TVG).

tiivii is a product designed for the generation of content and audiovisual production of events that allows the creation from scratch and in a quick and easy way of a tv channel to broadcast it on the internet automatically.

With tiivii you can record an event without having to move a team to the place where it is produced. It has a cloud production table that can produce higher quality events, scalable and combine them with artificial intelligence to detect people, objects and classify scenes in real time.

Among the functionalities of this product, we can also highlight the multi-camera production, with the possibility of having different cameras simultaneously so that the viewer can choose which one he or she wants to see at any given moment, so that no detail of what is happening is missed. Marker insertion, graphics and advertising. The repetition of the best moments in real time, as well as a tactical analysis tool, are other of its functionalities.

* This initiative is part of the Spanish National 5G Plan, the program for the development of pilot projects of 5G technology executed by, promoted by the Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation) and co-financed with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the implementation of this pilot project of the UTE formed by cinto, Ericsson, Orange, Gammera Nest and Optare Solutions will allow, among others, to reduce production costs, support local sport, reduce the time of holding events and the possibility of creating other services with the same investment, both for the issuer and for the owner and users of the facility, by having greater flexibility of applications than traditional facilities

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