New Z-cam integrated with automatic production system tiivii

One of the greatest advantages of tiivii’s automatic production system is the fact that we can integrate with any camera manufacturer; automatic, broadcast, robotized, etc. Any evolution in the camera market will be very easily incorporated into tiivii, allowing us to work with the latest generation of cameras and the highest quality.

We have already been working with AXIS 8K quality cameras for some time and now, we are also fully integrated with Z-Cam.

This integration allows us to have an immersive scene both horizontally and vertically with broadcast quality thanks to the full frame 8K sensors and support for 10-bit HDR video.

Automatic production is continuously improving and allows us to do better in things such as using higher quality cameras, often approaching and surpassing the emissions made with a person in the pitch.

Z-Cam provides us with improvements in terms of image stability for obtaining smoother and more stable videos, as well as shooting speed for obtaining fast and precise video sequences. Moreover, another important advantage of our integration with Z-Cam is that we can modify the camera by using different lenses to adapt to each pitch. In tiivii we seek to customize the product for each client. Every customer is different and so is every pitch. Our aim is to study each pitch and choose the best lenses for each one, being able to optimize the quality of the image we broadcast.

The best Artificial Intelligence on the market, automatic switching between multiple cameras during the broadcast, cloud mixer, image quality with the best cameras, personalized support and attention. Want to try automatic? Contact cinfo

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