Lalín launches its new OTT with tiivii

The Municipality of Lalín launches a new multimedia platform, It is the first Galician Municipality to have a platform of these characteristics, in which to watch all the games that take place in the Lalín Arena, the concerts from the Tuno Valdés Auditory, all plenary sessions, conferences, turistic videos and videos of the main events taking place, such as the Cocido Fair.

Paz Pérez, Deputy Mayer of Lalín, tells us her experience.

What does a multimedia platform offer the town?

It is an innovative platform where we can show our citizens what we are doing and what is happening in Lalín. It allows us to get closer to our citizens, and let them enjoy all the sports, cultural, educational and institutional events taking place in the city. 

It also allows us to show off our city’s beauty, which a lot of the time we don’t know ourselves; it is a window for the rest of Galicia and Spain to see our charm.

Isn’t it hard and expensive to live stream events every week of what takes place in the city?

All the events taking place at the auditory and the sports hall are streamed automatically, which makes it a lot easier and certainly cheaper than a manual production. Up to a year ago, we had government staff recording the sports games with a camera every weekend, now we just program the games on Fridays and the system takes care of the rest. The same thing goes for the concerts, galas, talks, etc.

What are people saying about it?

People, according to what they are telling us, are very happy. They love being able to watch their kids or family members playing games, giving concerts or presenting their initiatives. Recently, we live streamed a concert, and we received a message from Argentina thanking us for making it possible to finally watch their grandson play with the orchestra. Also, people who travel a lot around Galicia for sports has told us that there is a huge difference between our streams and those of other cities. There are still a lot of places that have one person with a camera, which you can tell is not putting a lot of effort into it, with bad quality or blurry; while here in Lalín, as we have the automatic production system, we have a much higher quality in our streams.

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