cinfo presents at MWC 2023 the first integration of an artificial intelligence application in the cloud with the 5G APIs of the Telefónica network

  • cinfo is one of the first companies in Spain to deploy its own application on the new infrastructure created by Telefónica under the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, which has been the starring announcement of Mobile WC 2023. cinfo has integrated its tiivii product with Telefónica’s 5G network. tiivii’s artificial intelligence, installed in an AWS Wavelength node connected to the 5G network and with access to network APIs has been able to modify the behavior of the 5G network in real time, demanding quality of service when needed.
  • The validation of this integration has been possible through an agreement between Telefónica Tech Cyber Security and Cloud and AWS to jointly deploy a pilot in the AWS Wavelength area of Madrid.
  • tiivii is cinfo’s solution for automatic and remote production of sports, educational and cultural events. Combined with fiber or 5G, it reduces the production costs of a sporting event by 95%. tiivii was selected as the integration partner.

February 28, 2023. 2023—

Telefónica (TEF) announced today at MWC 2023 that it has validated the integration of its network’s application programming interfaces (APIs) with AWS Wavelength Zone in Madrid. This validation has been carried out through a real project in which cinfo’s tiivii application was selected to validate the integration. In this project, tiivii has carried out its automatic productions with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud leveraging an AWS Wavelength Zone in Madrid and integrated with the APIS of Telefonica’s 5G network, so that tiivii’s artificial intelligence has been able to demand from the 5G network, in execution time, quality of service.

tiivii is the cloud production solution that uses real-time artificial intelligence to drive cameras located in sports stadiums, concert halls or theaters. The artificial intelligence of tiivii must respond with the lowest possible latency to what happens in the event. Thanks to the integration with the 5G network, latency has been reduced by 20 milliseconds and jitter has been reduced by 90% in a congested network scenario, which is critical for the quality of productions and for the end user experience. .

In addition, thanks to this integration, the artificial intelligence that produces the event can request a certain quality of service from the network, thereby increasing the quality of the production and the ecosystem -developer, cloud technology provider and operator- can obtain new types of income. .

Finally, thanks to the initiative of the GSMA’s Open Gateway, in which Telefonica and the main operators in the world are working together, the network access interface has been standardized, which makes it easier for more and more creators of intelligent applications such as cinfo to obtain access a much larger market and grow faster

In 2022 tiivii has produced more than 1,500 events and with the growth in sales it is expected to reach 5,000 events per year in 2023.

About tiivii

tiivii is a solution developed by cinfo, a leading Spanish company in intelligent automatic production systems in the cloud. cinfo has more than 15 years of experience in high performance systems for all types of video platforms, Pay TV, OTT, DTT, IPTV, SmartTV, artificial vision systems and video production in the cloud.

cinfo started the tiivii project in 2018 to facilitate the generation of content through artificial intelligence for all types of video platforms and in all types of genres.

tiivii was selected in 2020 by the EIC Accelerator as one of its projects to finance. For two years the product has been developed and has reached numerous technological milestones that make it unique. The tiivii product is now ready for commercial expansion and has numerous success stories and operating customers.

About Telefonica’s announcement:

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