Discover the new OTT multimedia platform of the Diputación de Castellón

A few days ago we presented Castellón Provincial Council ‘s new OTT multimedia platform. 

Consumption habits have changed towards reading less and watching more videos; usually from our mobile devices. Therefore, a multi-device platform where we can watch all the videos of the most outstanding activities taking place in our community, such as sports or shows, is the best way to reach a large number of people.

This is Castellón Provincial Council’s goal, being the first provincial council in Spain to have a multimedia platform where both institutional information and relevant information from all the municipalities in the community can be published.

The platform allows citizens access to watch all the institutional activities taking place: plenary sessions, communications, official events, acts, commemorations and statements; as well as, provides each town with a multimedia space to advertise its tourist attractions, cultural events, festivals, traditions, gastronomy, etc.

cinfo has developed this platform for Castellón’s Provincial Council with applications for Android, iOS and TVs; that is multi-language, customizable in appearance and menus, and supports the latest technologies: 360 videos, virtual and augmented reality, 4K video and immersive experiences.

Enjoy all the videos available on the platform:

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