cinfo continues growing together with the Madrid Volleyball Federation

The Madrid Volleyball Federation continues betting on modernizing its facilities and trusting tiivii and cinfo to do so.
The beach volleyball sports center in Puerta de Hierro, Madrid, has been expanded with 3 new courts, and all of them will count with cinfo’s automatic production technology and smart cameras.
cinfo`s technology recognizes specific beach volleyball plays and makes an automatic change between the cameras used in the broadcast with the use of artificial intelligence.
In this way, the system detects situations such as serves, point celebrations and timeouts, and performs certain automatic actions accordingly. For example, zooms in on the player during a serve or the players when they celebrate a point, focus on the players areas during timeouts or places advertising during timeouts.
The automatic production system is completed with automatic scoreboard recognition, a replay system, and the integration with the digital volleyball record system to be able to add statistical information during the broadcast.
The best beach volleyball in Madrid, available online thanks to tiivii.
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