Redondela OTT launch

Redondela’s City Council has renewed its entire digital offering. It has launched a new website, a citizen app, a new multimedia OTT platform, and has equipped several of the city’s sports venues with an automatic production system based on cameras controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

With this new OTT,, all citizens of Redondela will be able to stream live sports, cultural events, institutional events, and local festivities. Most of the events broadcasted on this OTT will be produced with tiivii, an automatic production system developed by cinfo. A system of cameras automatically managed by Artificial Intelligence and capable of adding scoreboards, voiceover, graphics, etc., will be responsible for broadcasting the matches played in the Manuel González Soto, Marismas, and “Bombonera” venues, every week.
Without the need for anyone to be present in the venues, completely automatic, at a very reduced cost, and simplifying production tasks to the maximum, every week you can experience the excitement of handball, futsal, skating, or billiards matches, among others.
This system also records all matches and training sessions, providing coaches and players with a multimedia library at their disposal to improve technically day by day.
In addition to sport events, town hall meetings can also be viewed, which are also produced using the same automatic production system, tiivii, and broadcast live on is a window that allows us to experience the life of Redondela from anywhere in the world and to feel involved in what happens in the city.
With a personalized, modern design, creating a new corporate image for citizens, we ensure that Redondela is at the forefront of the digital world.
This is just the beginning of everything Redondela will offer through According to the words of its mayor, Digna Rivas, this is just the beginning, and the objective is “to make this digital platform continue growing, expand the channel, and offer all kinds of cultural events and festivities through this television that will offer more and more content over time.”
What are you waiting for to experience everything that happens in your city from your own living room? Contact us, and we’ll help you create your personalized platform.

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