The Red Cross and cinfo launch a new video communications system adapted to senior citizens

  • Cinfo and the Spanish Red Cross have developed a video communications system targeted to the attention and care of senior citizens 
  • The system includes a videoconference application, with personalized interface and functionalities adapted to the necessities of this group 
  • From this system, Red Cross volunteers will be able to, apart from talking, also aid with documentation and carry out interactive exercises online with the conference participants to foster their capabilities 
  • The system is framed within the project “Reforzando VÍnculos”, and initiative promoted by the Red Cross, which looks to encourage a community that supports autonomy among senior citizens, and prevent loneliness. Its pilot phase is being tested by users in Canarias, Cataluña and Comunidad Foral de Navarra 

The Spanish Red Cross has developed a new video communications system for senior citizens

The Spanish Red Cross has developed a new video communication system for senior citizens. The system includes a video conference application with and adapted interface and customized functionalities to adapt to the needs of this audience. The system is made up of multiple interfaces that automatically show depending on the user’s technical level, with the size of the buttons, the amount of them and the description texts having been personalized for each user profile. 

The system, apart from being built with ease of use at the forefront, enables interaction between Red Cross volunteers and the user in the video communication, making it possible for volunteers to help users edit and fill documents, as well as carry out a wide range of exercises with them. It also has an interactive library of exercise sheets, which makes it possible to do various exercises during each session, and obtain results on the capacities of the users connected to make personalized action plans for each of them based on their areas of improvement.  

The whole system was developed by cinfo, and has had the involvement and help of the the Red Cross and the TECSOS Foundation for the definition of use cases, the validation of user interfaces, and testing of the system. El sistema ha sido desarrollado en su totalidad por cinfo y ha contado con la ayuda de personal de Cruz Roja y de la fundación TECSOS para la definición de los casos de uso, la validación de los interfaces de usuario y las pruebas del sistema. El sistema realizado se enmarca dentro del proyecto “Reforzando Vínculos”, una iniciativa, dinamizada desde Cruz Roja, que busca impulsar una comunidad que apoye a las personas mayores en su autonomía y prevenir la soledad no deseada. , ,

Cinfo has developed, adapted and integrated different components to  desarrollado, adaptado e integrado diferentes componentes para obtener la aplicación final y se ha desarrollado el sistema totalmente cloud sobre la nube de AWS para el funcionamiento del servicio.

The system is currently in its pilot phase, which is being used in Canarias, Cataluña and Comunidad Foral de Navarra. New possible improvements are being analyzed, such as its integration with Alexa.

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