cinfo is starting a project aimed at creating interactive mini-games to educate citizens on cybersecurity.

  • The project has been commissioned by Incibe, with a budget of 1.12m €
  • The goal is to educate citizens on certifiable cybersecurity competencies

Incibe has chosen tiivii OTT for its new mini-games platform that offers gamification experiences for the education of citizens. The first project that cinfo will work on for Incibe will be the creation of mini-games for cybersecurity training, a real but not very visible threat that our society faces.

cinfo has presented a platform that offers the necessary characteristics to achieve the goal proposed by the project:

  • a platform that natively supports the creation of a wide range of interactive, multimedia experiences: standard video, forked video, video 360º, augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • a platform the supports the possibility of interaction with video through “time sequences”  that launch actions with the video itself, such as forked content or challenges
  • a platform that supports loyalty and gamification mechanisms, customizable for each user: persistent gamification, “instant” gamification, multiplayer features, rankings, point systems, rewards and digital awards.
  • a platform that allows the daily refresh of mini-games and guides the user for the achievement of basic cybersecurity competencies

The flexibility and capability of cinfo’s technology, tiivii OTT, have made it the chosen one for this project, which has a budget of €1,125,727.33 and will be carried out over the years 2024 and 2025.

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