The Real Federación Gallega de Fútbol and Cinfo come together to launch the Galician Sports television

  • The goal of the project is to attract economic resources to grassroots sports, packaging all Galician sports in one platform. RFGF is the first federation to join the initiative.

Photo: RFGF’s President Rafael Louzán and Antonio Del Corral, CEO of Cinfo, presenting the project at the O Camiño do Futgal congress celebrated in A Coruña this past weekend

  • The project will cover during the first phase: 51 football fields and 53 indoor venues; and 123 football and futsal clubs, broadcasting more than 1,250 games per year, both men’s and women’s. 
  • The production center will be hosted at the CSA of the Ciudad de las TIC, and will make intensive use of Cinfo’s Artificial Intelligence
  • The production will be hybrid, and will be possible to produce both automatically or manually assisted with artificial intelligence. Each venue will be equipped with 3 cameras and sensors to capture the scoreboard. The project also intends to install 5G connectivity to ease the streaming.
  • The project is open to other sports, such as basketball, handball, hockey and volleyball. With these sports, 130 fields and 3,000 games will be covered annually.
  • The project counts with the help of Galicia’s IGAPE-Xunta through the Centros Dixitais program.

A Coruña, June 10th 2024

The RFGF and Cinfo have announced at the “O Camiño do Futgal” congress the signing of an agreement to launch the Galician sports television during the 24-25 season. 

The Galician sports television is an internet television platform that will allow all sports fans to watch their favorite local teams. This platform will be available on mobile apps, Smart TVs, Android TV and web browsers. The web version will also have the multicamera feature and tactical view for coaches.

With this agreement, 123 Galician teams, both male and female, playing in the autonomic football and futsal leagues will be available in a single platform where their fans can easily find the matches between their favorite teams. The RFGF has more than 110,000 federation cards, who will receive this service for free. 

The broadcasting of the games uses an artificial intelligence system for production on the cloud, which will make it possible to stream every game, while minimizing costs but without compromising quality; as all events will have the option to include live commentary, replays, a scoreboard and all features necessary for an attractive production. The center for production and control of the project will be located at the CSA building in Ciudad de las TIC.

The leagues selected by the RFGF for the project are Galicia’s ‘preferente’ mens football league, Galicia’s 1st division women’s league, and mens and womens ‘preferente’ leagues for futsal.

This platform will be free for all fans and Galician federations, so they can broadcast their leagues and create a community around Galician sports.

The project follows a collaborative model. The clubs themselves will be able to manage their ads inventory, or even have their own announcers, on or off screen.

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