The Town Council of Lalín acquires the new mobile broadcasting system to enhance the communication of the activities taking place in the town of Lalín

  • Lalín’s Town Council continues betting on new technologies for the enhancement of communication of all activities taking place in its town. 
  • This system complements the multimedia platform and the automatic production system controlled with Artificial Intelligence already being used in the Lalín Arena, Tuno Valdés Auditorium and at Town Hall.
  • The new mobile system, developed by Galician company cinfo, is made up of a set of cameras, a microphone, an audio mixing board, a tiivii server and the venue’s internet connectivity; which makes it possible to live stream any event of interest to the residents of Lalín, regardless of its location

The Town Hall of Lalín has purchased the new streaming mobile production system, making it possible to record or live stream any event of interest to its residents. 

The mobile system is made up of 3 cameras, a wireless microphone set, a remote sound mixing board, a small computer for the control of the cameras and do the production mixing, as well as a router for its own internet connection. It is all encased in a flight case for its easy transportation from venue to venue. 

The addition of this new system strengthens Lalín’s Town Hall years-long bet on new technologies and communication of all acts, and sporting and cultural events taking place. Town Council has installed automatic production systems controlled by Artificial Intelligence at the Lalín Arena, the Tuno Valdés Auditorium and at Town Hall. It has launched its own multimedia platform, where users can watch all sports games taking place at the Lalín Arena, all concerts happening in the Auditorium, or any event from Town Hall, such as the conference series Lalín Talento, the cocido contest or its plenary sessions. 

Both the mobile system, as well as the automatic production systems installed at the three venues have been developed by the Galician company cinfo. cinfo has developed tiivii, an audiovisual production on the cloud and based on Artificial Intelligence that does live mixing and production automatically, and is capable of track the action of the event automatically, without the need for a production team to be at the venue. Each camera is controlled by its own AI agent, and can carry out independent panning and zoom sequences automatically. Moreover, it also has a cloud-based video production board that allows the ingestion of graphic media, live commentary, publicity or replays in real time, to produce high-quality events; as well as a customizable multimedia platform for each client to broadcast their events.

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