RTVE trusts cinfo for the preview and frame thumbnail services on rtve play

  • RTVE improves rtveplay services offering users the ability to watch short videos (preview) of the program selected before playing, as well as frame thumbnails to find sections of interest within the video
  • Previews and frame thumbnails are generated automatically on the cloud, a service fully developed by cinfo 
  • This service is available for web, as well as android and iOS/tvOS devices. During its first month of usage, it has reached 4 million daily views

RTVE has released a new video preview feature for its rtve play service. This new feature allows users to select a program and watch a “trailer” of the content before playing. These previews are produced automatically with artificial intelligence, eliminating the need to have the editorial team do this manually. 

cinfo’s system also generated thumbnails on the time bar in the player, showing what happens at any point of the program, as the user moves along it. 

The multi-tenant system, possible to integrate with any platform in the market, has been developed by cinfo and runs on the cloud, without requiring the client to have a dedicated infrastructure. 

For its development, cinfo has used its experience in the deployment of high efficiency architectures, combined with the use of first and second level CDNs, NGINX and NJS web servers, Varnish cache systems, AWS S3, lambda, SQS, and a network of autonomous systems (“workers”) spread across the world. All these components asynchronously generate videos, are in charge of the “pre launching” of all cache nodes with new content or manage the audit of the use of the service.

The system automatically generates a preview for each of the new contents published on rtve play, either the first time a content is accessed by a user if it has not been created yet, or during the processing of said content, integrating editorial processes with a API of the service.

The system counts with an administration console to configure all features of the service; the length of previews, select a different preview for a specific content, ask to generate a new version of a preview, or substitute an automatically produced preview for a pre-produced one. The console is completed with detailed statistics on the usage of the service, offering data on preview views, most watched content or view trends. 

This service is available for any web device, iOS, Android or connected TVs; and it is offered at different video qualities to adapt to the characteristics of the client’s device, and hosted on a global CDN. 

During the first month, the service has generated more than 30,000 videos, and responds to more than 20 million weekly reproductions with consumption peaks of 4 million daily; equivalent to 5 terabytes of daily video consumption.

The efficiency of the system designed by cinfo is such that 99.8% of the generated video traffic is serviced from the nearest node to the user, well above the average 80% for this type of service. 

This service significantly enhances user experience of any online video platform, transforming a sequence of thumbnails or static images into a smooth, video-centric user interface.

Current clients of cinfo’s video platform (tiivii OTT) can now also include this feature in their service, as well as any other platform in the market, as it can be easily integrated in a short period of time with the use of an API.

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