How to use technology in grassroots sports?

Many times we wonder what technology is used for in grassroots sport, but the truth is that its advantages are more than we think. Using it correctly serves to increase the passion and learning of the players.

We live in a visual world and if we see the things, we understand them better. Having a recording of all the training sessions and matches of a team is very useful so that a coach can later explain in a more simple and effective way where each player has to improve and do a personalized training. But not only the coach, the player himself will see himself in action understanding better what to do to correct his small mistakes. It is a daily improvement and if we can see ourselves evolving, motivation increases.

On the other hand, if we share these videos with parents, the parents themselves will feel more involved and participate in the evolution of their child, helping them, practicing exercises together, etc.

Thanks to systems like tiivii, it is now possible to have a recording system with the possibility of obtaining individual clips of plays on any field and for any team so that we can combine our passion for sports with the latest technological advances to achieve any goal that we set ourselves.

With tiivii we can not only record the training sessions, but also transmit via streaming and live any match that takes place in our venues so that we can experience the emotion of the matches at any time and in any place.

* The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 954040

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