cinfo participates in the COIT conference “The transformative power of 5G”

Antonio Rodríguez del Corral, CEO of cinfo, participated in the conference “The transformative power of 5G”, held on 15, 16 and 17 June telematically. Organised by Telefónica, the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación (COIT) and the Colexio Oficial de Enxeñeiros de Telecomunicación de Galicia (COETG), the event consisted of a total of six meetings that showed users how 5G is already transforming society through the presentation of the use cases that Telefónica has deployed in recent years in Galicia.

The CEO of cinfo participated in the first and third sessions of the conference on 5G success stories and its impact on the transformation of the Galician economic sectors and technology in companies. Cinfo gave a presentation on the relationship between 5G and the tiivii automatic event production product developed by the company and its impact on the live broadcasting of different types of events, although in this forum it focused more on sporting events.

Rodríguez del Corral indicated that thousands of sports leagues do not broadcast their events due to high production costs and small audiences, but that thanks to automatic production systems such as tiivii, they can solve this problem and make the production and broadcast of an event profitable for a very small number of spectators.

tiivii is a suite of products that includes an artificial intelligence (AI) engine and a production desk that can be deployed in the cloud or on a 5G edge that can reduce the cost of broadcasting an event by 90%. It also has an OTT platform where you can monetise the broadcast and help the economic development of the sports sector that does not have large revenues from broadcasters or sponsors. 5G is the perfect complement to tiivii, as it allows bandwidth to be reserved for broadcasting with sufficient quality and, as it can be deployed on its edge, latency is minimal and allows real-time monitoring of the plays.

The project carried out in collaboration with Telefónica involved the deployment of 8 cameras in the Abanca Riazor stadium in La Coruña and the development of several applications such as the live broadcasting of matches played in the stadium, a live heat map application to reflect the areas of greatest occupation of the pitch and a kisscam application integrated with the stadium’s video scoreboards.

In addition to this project, Telefónica also presented two other projects in which cinfo participated and which were carried out at the Navantia shipyard. Remote technical assistance through augmented reality and 3D models for diagnosis and support, which enables, through augmented reality techniques that superimpose 3D models of the machine and graphic indications in a videoconference, allowing a local non-specialised operator to carry out repair or maintenance tasks with the assistance of a remote specialist and thus reduce downtime in the industrial chain, and the visualisation of virtual parts in a real environment that allows verification, within a real scenario, of how the construction work that has been designed will look, before proceeding to manufacture and assembly planning. These projects combine low latency and real-time processing capabilities, as well as augmented reality and 3D modelling, and for all of this a dedicated private 5G network was deployed with 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz millimetre band frequencies, as well as an edge computing centre.

These conferences have shown the level of development of the companies present at the conferences and the revolution that 5G means for the business fabric. A revolution and an aid to economic development that is getting closer and closer.

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