The European Union highlights tiivii project

In 2020 the EU selected tiivii as the most innovative automatic production product in Europe within the EIC Accelerator program and funded part of its development and 2 years later, it has been highlighted to be one of the projects published in the “Results in brief” section of the European Commission’s CORDIS website.

Thanks Cordis_EU

It has been 2 years of hard work but very exciting and amazing to achieve one of the best automatic production products on the market.

In this link you can read the article:

tiivii is the most innovative product of cinfo, a cloud audiovisual production solution based on artificial intelligence. tiivii is the result of several years of R+D and development and is able to recognize the scenes gathered by a set of cameras and make decisions as if it were an operator and a human filmmaker. In addition, tiivii is accompanied by tiivii OTT, a platform that automatically receives audiovisual production and offers it live to users. tiivii can completely replace humans but can also be used in collaborative mode, so that AI becomes an assistance making it easier for a single person to do several functions. tiivii is the solution that can allow all non-professional sport to be broadcasted, offering a new business model to non-professional sport. In 2022 tiivii has produced more than 1,500 events and expects to reach more than 5,000 in 2023

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